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Open Thread: Game 19 -Yanks spank Rangers 11-1

Randy Johnson pitched a great game, and the Yanks pounded Pedro Astacio to finally take a game from the Texas Rangers.

Newcomer Andy Phillips had an impact, slamming a double and cracking a three run homer in his first start of the year. Watching this kid hit today, it reminded me of Shane Spencer's hot September when he first came on the scene.

It has been feast or famine so far for the Yanks, and they are exactly where they were last year at this time at 8-11.

Jim Kaat had a lame observation saying that the Yanks are in better shape than last year because they are a half a game better in the standings. Come on Jim, I really like your commentary, but don't insult us.
The Yanks should never be 8-11 with this team, and coupled with the new editions of Johnson and Pavano, I wouldn't have thought it possible that this would be the case.

A couple of things stood out for me today.

  • Jeter is going to have a monster year.
  • Phillips has earned more at bats.
  • Once Johnson gets his fastball consistently in the mid-nineties, he will be the force that the team needs to win big in the playoffs.
  • Posada's bat is waking up.