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Open Thread: Game 18 Yanks vs Rangers


Wright faces off with Chan Ho

"wasted cash" Park in today's afternoon game.


The Yanks are getting:

A picture says a thousand words!

Jaret Wright was so bad that he got booed off the mound after hurting his arm...

Early word is that Jaret Wright hurt his shoulder again.
There is no point in reviewing the game, the picture sez it all : Texas Massacre. I watch Soriano hit and run, and I watch A-Rod still play tight and its frustrating. I read about Jon Leiber pitching well in Philadephia and I witness Wright get smoked and I need some Rolaids, or Tums. I remember Alfonso stinking up the joint against Florida in the Series, but I kinda miss his energy. Energy that this team is lacking right now.
I flip on ESPN for the NFL Draft, and have to wait about 37 hours listening to the serial speed talker Mel Kiper ramble on like caffeine has replaced his blood supply, until the Giants have a draft pick in the second round.
Lets hope tomorrow is a better day.