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Money wasted, talent spent.

Looking at the crop of free agents that the Yanks signed and the ones they passed on, its looking like bad decisions were made again.

Jon Lieber 4-0, 2.73 ERA
Matt Clement 2-0, 2.13 ERA
Orlando Hernandez 2-1, 2.50 ERA
Odalis Perez 3-0, 2.04 ERA

I know its early still, but I always felt the biggest mistake they made last year was when The Boss chose Gary Sheffield over Vladimir Guerrero. There were some questions about his back, but his overall five tool skills made him they far better player.

The Angels paid around 70 million for his contract which was a terrific bargain compared to the 39 million they gave up for the much older Sheffield. When Gary is at home, drinking a few beers and watching American Idol, Vladimir will still be in his prime, stinging the ball and saving runs in the outfield.

I like Brian Cashman as a GM, but with so many hands in the pot, its becoming common business for the Yanks to make three bad decisions for every right one they make!