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Open Thread: Game 17-Yanks vs. Rangers

Our man Brown gets his second start of the season today against the Rangers tonight, and my

crystal ball is coming up blank today.

I'll keep working on it and get back to you later...


The crystal ball is working now. I predict a base hit for Soriano...steal with a wild pitch...single to drive him in. 1-0 I see a walk. The fans will boo.

Brown gets plastered for four runs in the first. Its a cold, damp night.


The Rangers beat the Yanks 5-3. Kevin Brown once again got lit up in the first and dug a deep hole that the Bombers couldn't climb out of. As fast as I could go to the fridge for a beer, the score was 5-0 Rangers. They did manage to mount a few threats, but couldn't get a big hit to extend the innings.
In the ninth, after Posada drove in two with a double off of the flame throwing Francisco Cordero, Jeter struck out and Bernie poped out to end the game

On a positive note, Mike Stanton pitched well, striking out all four batters he faced and Paul Quantrill pitched effectively in relief. When you have to talk about some middle relief work as positives then you know just how bad the game was.
Chris Young and all of his 6-10 frame kept the Yanks in check and handed them another bad loss at home.