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Open Thread: Game 15-Yanks slam Jays 11-2 (cont.)

The Yankees win. Theeee Yankeees win. That's my John Sterling impression. The story of the game was Carl Pavano. He picked up his first win in Pinstripes looking sharp throughout.

What I saw tonight was the type of pitcher the Yanks shelled out the big bucks for. He had great control, working both corners of the plate. I think he'll get most of his strikeouts with his off speed stuff.

Jorge Posada finally broke out of his slump, going 3-5 including a HR and 4 rbi's. I don't think anyone would believe he had a chance to hit for the cycle with his wheels. I've been worried about him because he is usually a fast starter. Last year he carried the Yanks on his back early on, and this year he has not resembled that player.

Bernie is usually a slow starter, so I never judge him until after the all-star game, although with his recent run of injuries I can understand the scrutiny that he has been under.

I like the fifth hole for A-Rod. If he can settle down and just hit for average, he'll drive in a lot of runs. That's the big question. Can he? If he produces at the five, then the whole lineup will thrive.

Let's hope Sierra isn't out too long. He has that uncanny ability to come off the bench cold, and slash the ball with power like he did tonight before he tweeked his right elbow. He'll probably miss a few days. Bernie's knee is fine and I doubt he'll be out of the lineup tomorrow.