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Losing to the Bad News Bears

Its difficult to fathom that the great Randy Johnson could lose at home to the Devil Rays 6-2, the

Bad News Bears and Hideo (below normal) Nomo.

He wasn't terrible last night, but his fastball still is not consistantly lighting up the gun yet.

The hot Derek Jeter made the big out of the game, when Joe elected not to bunt Derek with two on and nobody out in the fifth resulting in a double play and killing a Yankee rally. Also Jeter committed a costly error in the eight, but Derek's fielding and hitting has been excellent so you have to give him a pass on that one.

Another suggestion I have is to send Tom Gordon to:

some sort of therapy or I can see them trading him away. Is he another great player that can't cope in the Big Apple? It sure looks that way, but his arm is still great and he would have great value on the open market. Most GM's know that playing in N.Y. is much different than playing anywhere else.