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Open Thread: Game 13- Yanks crush Devil Rays 19-8

The eruption finally took place!

The Yanks pounded the Devil Rays tonight to cool down the fans, the Boss, and me!

A-Rod had a breakout game, playing like the player we thought we traded for going 5-6 with two home runs, two doubles and six rbi's.

Tino also had a big game, whacking a grand slam and driving in six also. Its so nice to see Tino back in pinstripes. If he just has a decent year at the plate, his glove will save us many times over.

When a team is struggling like the Yanks have been, "who you gonna call?"

The Slump Busters!

The game was over after the second inning when the Yanks scored 13 runs on 11 hits.

The only downside was Jaret Wright's pitching. He gave up eight runs and eleven hits in 5 1/3 innings of work. I'm not sure if he's not used to pitching with that type of lead, but until he pitches more we'll just have to wait and see.

I can't get too excited winning big against Tampa, but I'll take it.

Click here to see the box score.