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Open Thread: Game 13-Yanks vs Devil Rays

The NY Papers are having a field day with Steinbrenner's missive about the failures of the team so far. The NY POST says:

NY Daily News says:

Yes the Boss is unhappy. Yes the Boss does not like to see 200 million dollars worth of talent play so badly. Who does? Baseball is a long season.

The starting pitchers are going to pitch, and pitch well. The hitting will come around. I'm very worried about the bullpen.

Last year at the trading deadline, there were so many teams still in the hunt, that the Yanks couldn't pry away any talent outside of...gulp...I can't mention their names. I think they'll have more options this year, especially since their rooks did so well in spring training.

Now for tonight's matchup:

Jaret Wright 1-1 against Rob Bell 1-0

The Yanks have smoked Bell in the past with a  lifetime .426 batting average in a limited number of AB's. They are 40-94. Wright hasn't really faced the Devil Rays. They have gone 3-14 against him. We need to take these next two games before a much improved Toronto team stops in!

If the Yanks lose to Tampa, Joe Girardi might have a little extra company sitting next to him very soon! lol