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Open Thread: Game 12-Yanks vs. O's

Kevin Brown is back!

The man with the hand of glass goes up against Daniel Cabrera.

Let's hope Brown stays away from the clubhouse walls Sunday. If he does then we know he did something positive. The Yanks need a win today badly. Calling on Kevin to deliver the goods is asking a lot, especially against this lineup. If he makes it through five innings and its close, then that's all the Yanks can ask for.

The pen is another matter altogether.

Brown has plenty to answer for from his last start at Yankeee Stadium, and the best way he can begin to repair that damage (if its possible) is to pitch and pitch effectively.

Today's Lineups

*T. Womack 2b
*D. Jeter ss
*G. Sheffield RF
*H. Matsui lf
*A. Rodriguez 3b
*R. Sierra DH
*T. Martinez IB
*J. Flaherty C
*B. Crosby CF


B. Roberts 2B
D. Newhan, CF
M. Mora, 3B
M. Tejada, SS
S. Sosa, DH
R. Palmeiro, 1B
J. Gibbons, RF
L. Bigbie, LF
G. Gil, C