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Open Thread: Game 11-Yanks fall to O's 7-6

The Yanks continue to struggle as Brian Roberts burned them in the seventh with a big three run HR. Are we panicking yet? The bullpen was horrible today as Sturtze put the men on, and "we hit everything you throw" Gordon, knocked the men in. Actually it was Roberts who knocked the men in, but you get my drift.

Last year the Yankees started the season 8-11, so I'm not that worried yet, but it is frustrating watching a game like this when I could have been watching Pamela Anderson in STACKED  

But I digress.

Overall impressions of the game:

  • Mike Mussina still hasn't found his rhythm yet. It seems like he needs more innings to get his velocity up and command on his breaking pitches.
  • With three guys hitting (Jeter, Sheffield, and Matsui) its hard to mount many offensive threats. Baltimore's defense let in as many runs as we did.
  • I know its early, but I foretell many, many problems with this bullpen. Stanton seems like he can't crack 86mph, and without a big breaking ball I don't know how he will get the tough lefties out.
The good news out of today's game is Tony Womack. He is going to have a great season. Womack's speed will be a valuable weapon for Torre, one that he hasn't had in a while. Also his defense looks a lot better than I was lead to believe.

Kevin Brown starts tomorrow, and who knows what will happen. Any predictions?