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Open Thread Game 10 Yanks get shelled by the Birds 8-1

Well...I thought the Yanks would pound Bruce Chen into submission tonight, but instead he looked more
like Frank Tanana with his off speed stuff. Chen pitched a four hit, one run, complete game for the win.

It was only the second complete game of his career in seventy starts. The Yanks can sometimes do that to a mediocre pitcher and when Bruce Chen shuts you down, you are officially in the tank. The Yankees at 4-6 are off to their worst start since 91. Pavano didn't pitch badly until the sixth, when Tejada, Sosa and probably the hottest hitter in baseball, Brian Roberts did most of the damage.

I laughed when Baltimore announcer Buck Martinez while opining about Chen was asked why It took 12 years for Bruce to begin to pitch effectively? Buck said something along the lines of..." He just had to realize that he couldn't blow people away anytime he wanted to." It took him twelve years to realize that Buck?

My friend over at Camden Chat is a happy man tonight as he should be, but he reminded me to give a shout out to Elrod Hendricks who is currently, hospitalized undergoing tests, as we speak.

Its nights like these that we thank the TV Gods for a show like Stargate Atlantis

If you haven't seen it yet, check it out. They are into re-runs now, and start their second season in July.