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Beer Box

So we all know what happened last night. I have a question. Why do these fans still have beer in the bottom of the eighth inning?

Hey, brews, cotton candy and peanuts are all part of the game, but if you're looking at the Red Sox guide to selling alcohol: Alcoholic Beverages

"Sale of beer at Fenway Park is stopped two and half-hours (150 minutes) after the start of the ballgame or earlier at the Stadium Manager's discretion."

That came at about the 7th inning, so why are these fans still lining up a "hundred bottles of beer on a wall" in the bottom of the eight?" Sheffield's initial response was an emotional one and not that smart, but luckily he didn't lose his cool completely.

Johhny Damon said. "I give Sheffield a lot of credit, for him to restrain himself took a lot of class."

Getting a beer shower didn't help either. While the security is getting kudos for handling the situation well, why were these fans allowed to have cups of beer lining the top of the fence?