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Game 9- Red Sox Hammer Gordon for 8-5 win/ Fan mars game.

The Red Sox hit three home runs off of Randy Johnson and withstood a Yankee a comeback  for an 8-5 win. Johnson had trouble with his location and his velocity all night as the Sox managed to play long ball hitting three home runs of the Big Unit.

 After a nice comeback by the Yanks, Tom Gordon once again folded against the Sox, bringing back bad memories from last year's disastrous playoffs.

However, what this game will be remembered for was an idiot fan that reached over the stands and clocked Garry Sheffield in the face as he tried to field a base hit that drove in two insurance runs for Boston in the decisive eighth inning.

Sheffield chased down the grounder.

The fan reaches onto the playing field and clocks Garry in the face, interfering with the play.

Sheffield instinctively shoves the fan back, before throwing the ball to the infield.

Security intervenes.

Sheffield gets restrained by his teammates.

It seems that the games themselves are becoming the sideshow to an almost surreal main event. Hospital trips, brawls, beanballs, Pedro and Zimmer, A-Rod and Varitek. This is just the begining folks!