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Open Thread: Game Eight Yanks at Boston

The second of the three game set pits Jared Wright hoping to perform better in his second start, against Curt Schilling making his first. I wonder if it'll be called "bloody sock day" at Fenway Park? With all that has been said so far this early in the season, I came across this interesting quote from the NY Times:

If the Yankees win the next two games, they will suddenly be hot. If they lose them, their season might seem to be on the brink of disaster.

Yet how we forget in 1998, the Yanks started out 1-4. I never get too caught up with wins and losses this early in the season, but I've been asking myself why the league scheduled six games within the first two weeks between the Yanks and Red Sox? I can understand opening the season with a series, but these games would mean a lot more later in the season.
Another interesting stat that I hadn't seen before came from the NY Post:
Derek Jeter and Jorge Posada and Mariano Rivera have never missed the postseason, which is remarkable, and even more astonishing if you think that Mickey Mantle missed October six times in 18 years as a Yankee, Joe DiMaggio three times in 13 years, Lou Gehrig seven times in 17 years and Babe Ruth eight times in 15 years.

I think somehow that streak will continue this year. I'll have the starting lineups a little later!