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Off day-Is the Season Over Already?

I'm kidding, but reading the New York papers this morning sure seems to be the feeling around the town. Let's see, I'm reading the Yanks are old, and that they smell and probably should pack it in. Bernie's looking more like the Crypt Keeper and his withered bones are turning to dust as we speak. What about Mariano? Well he can't pitch but he still has his sense of humor:

"I didn't know they loved me so much here," Rivera said after being roundly cheered at Fenway Park during player introductions before the Red Sox's home opener against the Yankees yesterday.

Can we give it a rest already? Yes the Yanks haven't looked very good so far this year. Yes they have committed 5 errors in seven games. Yes A-Rod still is doing his best Ed Whitson impression. Yes outside of Jeter and Matsui the hitting has been bad. Yes, yes , yes.
This is all nonsense of course, but losing has a way of turning people ugly in New York.

Let's look at the team for a moment.

Starting rotation:

*If the Yankees had traded for Randy Johnson in mid-season, they would have beaten the Red Sox in 5 games. So just the addition of Randy Johnson is enough to say that they are a much better team than last year.

*Adding Carl Pavanno as the #2 starter pushes Mike Mussina down to #3 and relegates Kevin Brown to the 5th starter (if he ever contributes this year at all) is another significant upgrade.

*Jared Wright will have a good year. Jon Lieber had a great post season and Brian Cashman admits to making a mistake in not picking up his option, but Jared Wright has good enough stuff to make up for his loss.

Bullpen: Dumping Felix "The Gang that couldn't shoot straight" Heredia is a boost in my mind. lol Ok...that's a stretch, but its sure nice not to see his pitches bounce off of home plate anymore.


*1st Base: Having Tino at first base (hopefully) most of the time will make the Yankees infield tighter than it has been in recent memory. He was not acquired by the Yanks to hit.

*2nd Base: Miguel Cairo did a great job last year while wearing the pinstripes, but now Tony Womack looks like a great hire. He brings additional speed and is playing an excellent second base. closing...The Yankees will get it going, and will win 100 games this season. Seven games does not a season make!