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Thoughts on Game Seven

The Yanks lose the game 8-1. In my mind, no pitcher on the Yankee staff can have his effectiveness predicted solely by his velocity than Mike Mussina. If you look at the guns and see him topping off at 88-90 mph, then usually he will have a problem. Today was no different. His control was inconsistent and without his fastball reaching 92 mph, it seems the batters can wait out his breaking balls and knuckle curve. That extra 2 mph is the key to his success in my mind.

  • Bad fielding continued to hurt.
  • A-Rod boots another easy ground ball against Boston that led to three unearned runs.
  • Wakefield continued his tough pitching against the Yanks. (outside of Aaron 'bleeping" Boone)
  • Felix Rodriguez threw well. Could he replace Gordon as the bridge to Rivera?
The Yanks showed once again why they are one of the classiest teams ever to put on a uniform. As the Red Sox were getting their World Series rings, the Yanks watched from the top steps of the dugout and graciouly clapped as the pre-game ceremony took place at Fenway.Tomorrow is an off day, then Schilling makes his debut against Wright.