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Open Thread: Game Seven-Yanks-Red Sox

Mike Mussina takes the mound this afternoon against Tim Wakefield. Wakefield is always tough on the Yanks. Mussina has pitched some big games gainst Pedro and Boston in the last few years. The Yanks enter the game at 3-3, the Red Sox at 2-4.
Lineup: Yanks

      D. Jeter SS    
      A. Rodriguez 3B    
      G. Sheffield RF    
      H. Matsui LF    
      T. Martinez 1B    
      J. Posada C    
      J. Giambi DH    
      B. Williams CF    
      T. Womack 2B

The Red Sox

      J. Damon CF     
      T. Nixon RF    
      M. Ramirez LF    
      D. Ortiz DH    
      K. Millar 1B    
      E. Renteria SS    
      B. Mueller 3B    
      D. Mirabelli C    
      M. Bellhorn 2B