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Womack Blowback

No links today. Laziness and lousy HTML skills means you'll just have to trust me on this stuff today.

The Yanks traded Tony Womack to the Reds for a cup of dirt and a packet of Ramen noodles. It's been fun Tony. (Terms have not been disclosed as of post time actually)

In other New York is looking to sign former Red Sox lefty Mike Myers (not the movie serial killer) as well as offering Al Leiter arbitration, which he might turn down if he retires. Please! Please! Please retire Al.

Finally, Bernie Williams might be back in Pinstripes with a 2 million dollar contract. It would be great to have Bernie coming off the bench and filling in at DH and center.

[editor's note, by Jaime R]Here's the word on the Womack deal thanks to Joseph P at The Sporting Brews. That's a plus for us, although I would have taken the cup of dirt and pack of Ramen..