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Is Toronto the real competition?

Athletic's Nation is thinking the  same thing I am:

The Blue Jays appear to have landed Troy Glaus and my question is this:  Are the Blue Jays now better than the Boston Red Sox with the recent developments?  You know, Damon in New York and Glaus in Toronto. You've got to hand it to J.P. in remaking that team.  They now have pitching and seem to have just enough hitting to challenge the Yankees for that division.  Of course, Burnett could blow up his elbow and Glaus could wind up on the DL, but right now that team looks poised to do some damage in the AL.

I understand that the Red Sox haven't filled their roster spots yet, but you have to hand it to Toronto-they are a good team once again. I think Mike Lowell will have a big year at third and Beckett will be Beckett. The key is if Manny goes. With Ortiz and  Manny still hitting three and four, the Red Sox will be dangerous. Nixon and Jason seem to cause us problems too, but if Manny goes-then Ortiz will not have his protection. Manny can hit thirty home runs sleepwalking and I can't see anyone coming over as fair value for Boston. It's quiet this Holiday season so I'm sure next week things will be popping in Beantown.
Their fans are restless and I can't see them waiting till spring training to make some moves. That thinking cost them Damon.