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Johnny Damon is a Yankee

The news is startling. Just hours after Johnny Damon declined arbitration with the Red Sox, he signs a 4 year deal for about $52 million with the Yanks.

I have been a Johnny Damon fan since playing against him in little league. He scared the bejeezus out of us batters when he pitched. One of the few 15 year olds with a 80mph fastball. I watched him take our High School team to prominence in Central Florida and followed his career with Oakland, Kansas City and Boston. I cringed in fear everytime he stood in the box against us in the playoffs and now it is such a relief to have him on our side.

Say what you will about his bum shoulder and weak arm, he can tear it up on the basepaths, hit for OBP and some pop, cover an enormous amount of ground in the outfield and is generally fearless. He adds to the fighting spirit of Derek Jeter, Kyle Farnsworth, and Mariano Rivera. I was resigned to Bubba Crosby in center and huffed at the notion of anyone other than Damon out there. I think he is just what we needed. Someone tough, and gritty in the mold of Paul O'Neill who will, like the Terminator, come after you even when his body breaks down. Best of all...this is another wad of spit in the eye of the Red Sox.

This is the Frankenstein line-up Steinbrenner's been wanting for the last few years. There are no holes, even if Bernie played every day at the DH spot. From top to bottom not a weak link. Our defense is tolerable and can be beaten with small ball...sometimes. Sweet Dreams Yankee fans. For every sheep you count is an ulcer developing in Beantown. And John, I hope that's decaf or you'll be getting an ulcer soon too.