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As Jamie says, Johnny Damon reached a preliminary agreement Tuesday night on a $52 million, four-year contract

I thought they had a chance after Nomar went to the Dodgers, but I'm shocked that he left the confines of Boston where he was a folk hero to join the Yanks. In his three seasons with the Red Sox he averaged:

  • 184 Hits
  • 34  Doubles
  • 6   Triples
  • 14  Hr's
  • 78  Rbi's
  • 65  BB's
  • 22  SB's
  • .297 BA
  • .363 OBP

    You can flip around A-Rod, Giambi, DH and Posada, but anyway you look at it-this team will score runs and score them big time. He covers a lot of ground in center even if he can't throw, but he'll make up for it with his offense. His injury doesn't scare me that much since he's had all winter to heal up. I'm still stunned that this went down so fast and that he signed for four years. Bubba becomes the all purpose outfielder, but will Bernie take Sierra's role?
    More tomorrow after I drink my coffee and have a good night's sleep!