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Nomar to LA

The Nomar watch is over. The NY Post and the LA Times are reporting that Nomar is headed to the Dodgers:

...worth $6 million in base salary to play first base in L.A. According to a plate-appearance incentive, Garciaparra could earn more than $8 million next year.

I thought he was a perfect fit for the Yanks even though he's viewed as jerk and many in the media thought it was a bad idea to entertain the idea of Nomar adorning pinstripes. I had a feeling that the media would drive him away and that was part of his reasons for going to LA. I think he made a mistake myself. He's been hurt for the better part of two years and the DH/1B role would have been ideal for him. If he had an injury free-close to Nomar like season, he could have scored big bucks the following year. I don't see him being as effective in the National league, so in the long run a long term contract won't be forthcoming to him.

Will this seriously damage the Yanks-NO. Will the Yanks turn up the volume on Damon now-YES. The cost would have been worth the trouble of bringing Nomar over here, but our offense is good enough as it stands. We probably need to bring another first basemen over although I haven't heard many names talked about. Is Andy Phillips the guy?