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Nomar at first base? Pavano staying?

The NY Post is reporting that Nomar could be the Yanks next first baseman. I think Nomar would be a great DH and jack-of-all trades type of infielder, but having him start at first base is news to me. I have no doubt that he can play the position, which make Giambi the full time DH.

After the steroid story last year, Giambi is still lucky to be in Yankee stadium let alone baseball so he'll do whatever they tell him. I can see Torre still playing Jason at least 40-50 games at first base anyway.

Last year Giambi hit .319 with 24 homers and 65 RBIs with an on-base percentage of .471 and a slugging percentage of .664 as a first baseman compared to .209 with eight homers, 22 RBIs, a .404 on-base percentage and a .367 slugging percentage.

To be fair, he had 238 at-bats as a first baseman and 177 as a DH.
In the past three years, Giambi is a .274 hitter with 56 homers and 157 RBIs at first compared to a .217 hitter with 29 and 77 RBIs as the DH with 174 more at-bats as a first baseman.

This move is not confirmed yet so if it happens I'll have more details on why I love "Nomar to the Yanks."

The Daily News is reporting that Cashman probably will hold onto Carl unless he gets an offer he can't refuse. Names like Julio Mateo and Jeremy Reed from Seattle so far makes no sense at all. I agree with this move. You can't have enough starting pitching, especially after we were reduced to Double A kids like Sean Henn in emergencies last year. Remember the days of old, when we could throw out a pitcher like  "El Duque" in an emergency?

My gut tells me that Carl will have a much better second year. He needs to throw more fastballs to set up his off speed stuff which is hardly a surprise. If only Posada would shoot me an email, I can solve both Pavano and Mussina's problems in a heartbeat. Why doesn't he do this already? Look how effective Chacon was with an 89 mph fastball. I'm scratching my head now.