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Torre interview

Joe was on Mike and the Mad Dog and talked about the upcoming seaon. You can see the interview here. Here's a few highlights:

*Joe will not move Cano to the outfield.  
Even though Robinson suggested it, that's a good move not to make. He'll get much better at second and turns a mean double play.

*Likes Farnsworth's potential.
He did say that they will work on his breaking pitch and consistency, but his fearless attitude coming to NY impressed him.

*Happy to have Mike Myers.
When he turns Ortiz into a pretzel, Myers will be a favorite this year with that hurky-jerky delivery.

*Still loves Sturtze.
I can't figure this one out. Tanyon has good stuff, but had a horrible year. The excuse of him being over worked is nonsense. I know he's fearless and all, but I think Joe is reaching a bit too much on him. He still wants Cashman to bring in another arm.

*Doesn't want to have to count on Chacon or Wang.
He mentioned Pavano, Mussina and Wright, but excluded Randy Johnson in this discussion.

Joe blamed the conversion to New York for much of Randy's difficulties this year. I don't buy it. Johnson can still be dominating, but I fear that age is catching up to him. If he keeps his mechanics in check and adjusts mentally to what he can do then there is no reason why Randy cannot win a Cy Young next year. Will he? Your guess is as good as mine. I do know that the Yanks will not go far again if he pitches like last year.