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Do you want Damon to come here?

The Yanks need a center fielder and a true lead off man. Johnny Damon is still home drinking Margarita's and letting his beard grow. What do you think the chances are that he plays in NY? I like Cashman's approach of wait and see right now because Boras is doing what Boras does. Make up cute little portfolios of his marquee players that describes them as the best players that ever existed. Sit back and wait for a chump. You remember Kevin Brown to the Dodgers for a gazillion dollars? How did that work out? A-Rod for two gazillion dollars? Calling Tom Hicks!

Damon will never get a seven year contract, but if he settles on four then the Yanks have a shot with him. Would the Red Sox let him go to the Yanks at the reduced asking price? I doubt there is a sucker this time around for Boras to fleece so it comes down to the two beasts from the east.

I think it depends on what happens to Manny also. Tejada for Manny is being talked about in an even swap, but if Manny stays I'm not sure how high Boston will go on Damon. What a great fit Johnny would be for the Yanks, bad arm and all. With Jeter going back to his natural two hole, Cano in the bottom of the order-this Yankee team could score over a thousand runs next year.

A DH to be named later

You can flip the pieces around anyway you like and it still comes up big.