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Nomar in Pinstripes?

We need a DH and Nomar can still hit. The NY Daily News is reporting that Garciaparra has been offered $4 million by the Orioles for one year. Why don't the Yanks offer him a two-year, 10 million dollar deal? He's only 32 and has a lot of baseball left, even if he's been banged up recently. When Nomar is healthy, he can mash with the best of them. As a bonus he can play the middle infield in a pinch and if there is an injury would be a great insurance policy.

An ESPN insider told me that Nomar is hated by the media because he's just a plain "nasty" guy, but Torre has a way of working with these sort of players. Manny R. of Red Sox Nation, on the other hand has always been viewed as a really likable guy-that is just a goofball. The Boston media was glad to see Nomar go.