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Is Jason Michaels the answer?

Watching other teams make deals while you get rebuffed is never fun. When those teams are the Mets and Red Sox it makes it worse. The Mets just got Delgado while the Red Sox landed Beckett and Lowell in excellent moves for both teams.

I read that BJ Ryan maybe headed else where. That's not the turkey day news I'm looking for. The word on the wire is center fielder Jason Michaels from Philly is in our cross-hairs. He's another player I know very little about, but his defense and numbers look pretty good. I can't see the Yanks signing Damon for the ridiculous terms Boras is asking, but there is always a sucker born everyday, right Mr. Hicks? It would be nice if the whole league stuck it to him and he ended up signing for three or four years.