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Our Season in a Nut Shell

This is the type of game I feared going into the playoffs. It put all our weaknesses on display. Randy pitched like he did for most of the year, He had no movement or location on any of his pitches which resulted in two HR's, five runs and an early exit accompanied by a shower of boos. Enter our middle relief. Come back and take the lead only to have nobody to pick up Aaron Small who did the job like he has all year.

Enter Tom Gordon in the playoffs. Single, hit batter and another single to load the bases with no outs and have to sit threw another flush job. His contract is up I believe after this season and I think the Yanks will make a big play for either Wagner or B.J. Ryan. Offer them a lot of money to set up Rivera until he retires and then turn over the closer role to one of them.

When your team scores seven runs in a playoff game you should win. Figgons diving catch in the fifth probably saved the game for the Angels. Cano had a chance in the bottom of the sixth, but he was a little excited and swung at the first pitch. I can't complain about that young man.

I thought Torre should have pulled Randy in the the fourth and had Small start the inning because it was clear that Randy didn't have it, but we lucked out by an amazing play by Cano to pull off a double play and end that jam. It would have saved Randy from the howls from the crowd and saved him in case we needed him later in the series. I also felt he should have kept Sturtze in for at least one hitter in the seventh before bringing in Gordon.

I have to wind down until tomorrow. Luckily we have Shawn Chacon going and he gives us a good chance to get to the seventh inning. Mariano is well rested and if we have the lead, he'll go at least two and if we make it to Sunday he'll do the same.