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Yanks lose sloppy game 5-3

It's simple. The Angels got the big two out hit and played excellent defense. We left guys stranded and made two costly errors. End of story, ballgame over. The Yankeeees lose. Wang pitched his heart out and was betrayed by a silly error by A-Rod, who had a brutal game and his own throwing miscue on a bunt in the seventh. A-Rod's boot on a high chopper allowed the tying run in the sixth and Wang's bad throw put the go ahead runs in position in the seventh.

I didn't mind leaving Wang in there to finish the inning, but on a night when his location was excellent, he left a ball out over the plate for Cabrera to slap into center field that gave the Angels a 4-2 lead.

Why was A-Rod trying to steal the next inning I'll never know and I couldn't watch the post game interviews. They are fun when we win, but not after a tough loss. All night the Angels made the tough defensive stops. One by Figgins and one by Erstad or we could have had a few more runs. When we needed the big hit, either Sheffield grounded out, Jeter grounded out or Matsui did.

Coming in I was hoping for a split, but after tonight's game I just hope the good Randy Johnson shows up Friday. The Angels play us tough at home and there is no excuse for the Yanks to lose to Paul Byrd at home with Randy on the hill.