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Yanks take the first game 4-2 over the Angels

The Yanks took a big step tonight in the first round of the playoffs with a 4-2 win over the Halos. Nobody knew what to expect from Mike Mussina tonight, but he was brilliant for almost six innings. I was surprised that Joe lifted him when he did, but when my emotions calmed down, I realized that Mussina hasn't pitched much in September and his count was up to ninety eight, I understood the move.

Now the crazy part. He brought in Al Leiter. I almost died. The man who can't throw strikes got bailed out by an idiotic steal attempt by Vlad to end the sixth and then struck out D. Erstad to open up the seventh. Sturtze gave up his usual home run which got us to Gordon. He looked as sharp and confident as ever. He retired all four batters he faced and then turned the ball over to Mariano. Rivera was not going to blow this game. He was a little wild and Cano had two misplays in the inning, but he closed the deal and got another post season save.

"Rod" Cano was the hitting star of the game with a line drive , three run double in the first to blow the game open. How good has he been in September? When he hit the wall in August, I thought he might cave to the pressure, but not this kid. He's got guts and just might snatch the Rookie of the Year award away from Huston Street.