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Off to the West Coast

The Yanks winning the division seems to have favored the Red Sox, but who knew at the time. Boston goes to Chicago, while the Yanks fly 3000 miles and the Halos usually kill us. That's the way it goes. We won and we won often to capture the division. Boston backed into a better spot overall, but two weeks ago I didn't care where we played just as long as we made it in. Contreras has been pitching like we wished he had for us and maybe Chicago can slow down Boston's bats.

The Angels scare me like Seattle did in the mid-nineties. Torre decided to go with Mussina to open the playoffs. A veteran who has been there before and Randy will probably go in game three. That's the magic game for Joe, the swing game. If we can get a split in Anaheim and make it back home, our chances are good.