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Joe is Back

Did anyone really think he was going? Torre makes too much money to be fired and I think he is virtually untouchable. I've had problems with some of his moves throughout the season, but the bottom line is that if our big guns would have showed up we would have been playing Chicago. I think he did his best managing against LAA. Article

"I still want to manage here, and I'm satisfied that George feels he still wants me to manage here," Torre said to a packed auxiliary clubhouse at the Stadium. "I had to not only hear it, but (also) hear the tone in which it was said.... I'm not asking him to change. I just wanted, for my own satisfaction, to find out if he still trusts me with his team."

Next move is to secure Brian Cashman and then get Mazzone in here. I love Ron Guidry, but what Mazzone has done over in Atlanta has been remarkable.