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Stottlemyre praised by Steinbrenner

The Boss said:

Mel Stottlemyre will always be a Yankee," Steinbrenner said. "When I purchased the ballclub more than 30 years ago, he was one of the team's true stars and leaders, and during his 10 seasons as pitching coach, we won six American League pennants and four world championships.

"While it is no secret that I can be a very difficult boss, Mel has always conducted himself as a professional and a gentleman," the owner added. "I wish he and [his wife], Jean, much success and happiness in the future."

We all know how hard  George makes it on Joe's coaches. That's the way he usually confronts Torre. I will miss Mel. Obviously a different pitching coach won't solve our choking at the plate and with all the injuries to the staff this year I thought Mel did a great job.