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Will Tom Gordon be resigned?

I hope not. He has great stuff, but imitates Armando Benitez whenever the pressure comes.

He came into Game 3 in the seventh inning, expected to hold the deficit at one, and failed to retire any of the four batters he faced, allowing two runs. And whether he was worn out from 79 appearances - third highest in the AL - he had a 13.50 ERA in four October appearances, including the regular-season finale vs. Boston.

Throw the bucks at Wagner or Ryan and see who else is available. We need several pitchers in the bullpen, not just somebody to replace Tom Gordon. Aaron Small might fit nicely in the long relief role, although he seems much more comfortable as a starter. With Johnson, Mussina, Pavano, Wright, Wang, and Chacon; he might be the odd man out, ( I'd love to wave bye bye to Jaret) but Small is the perfect guy when someone gets injured. With our history and age that is almost a certainty.