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Just like Old Times

Joe managed his best game of the year. Posada played his best game of the season. Chacon threw darts and earned a contract extension. Moe proved once again why he is the greatest of all time.

AL Leiter suddenly is a lefty relief specialist. His last win in the post season was 93'. Was I dreaming when he got that double play to end the inning?

Jorge taking third on the throw home was big because he usually gets picked off, stumbles or doesn't know where he is. If he had only slid into home plate, Posada would have been safe by a foot instead of putting the call in the hands of the umpire. Shades of  Jeremy Giambi.

Ruben Sierra comes through in the clutch. Shields definitely missed his spot because that ball was in Sierra's happy zone-middle-in.

Chacon was fearless on the mound in probably the only game that has ever meant anything in his life. You do it once in NY and you never look back.

Rivera's biggest out was striking out Figgins on a perfect pitch on the outside corner. He made quick work of the six Angels he faced and we can only hope that he gets the ball in the eight inning again tomorrow with the lead. I'm too exhausted to write anymore, I'm practically incohernt right now