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Randy Johnson pitches the game that we thought he should when we brought him over here from Arizona. After scuffling with the umpire early on, Johnson roared back and tamed the Sox for seven and a third innings today to lead the Yanks to yet another Eastern division title. That's eight in a row. After the Yanks began the season at 11-19, the Yanks had the best record in the majors after that.

A-Rod went 4-5 with a home run and I think pulled into a tie with Ortiz for the MVP. Garry Sheffield got things going with a huge two-run blast in the first to wipe away the Wakefield curse and oddly enough made two diving catches in the outfield to also help lead us to victory. I knew after seeing Jeter get that first hit that the Yanks would be able to put some wood on the ball today. With the White Sox beating Cleveland, how sweet it was to watch Mariano record the final outs and have the Yanks celebrate in Fenway.

There's a lot of work to be done yet and the Angels have had our number since 96', but we're in and have a few more games of excitement left. Jaret Wright will start tomorrow and Torre will probably start Mussina Tuesday in the first playoff game to give us a veteran presence to open up. I'm exhausted and will be back later. Let's go Yankees!