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Milestones that Yankees position players could reach in 2019

This will only be his third full year in the majors, but Judge is already approaching a fun milestone.

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The Yankees will have some reshuffling to do if they make a major move

The signing of Manny Machado or Bryce Harper, or a trade for Corey Kluber, would leave the Yankees with logjam after logjam.

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Yankees trade Tim Locastro to Diamondbacks for Ronald Roman

We hardly knew ye, Tim.

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NYY News: Rumors got Manny things wrong about White Sox offer for Machado, per his agent

Machado’s agent refutes rumors of White Sox offer; DJ LeMahieu is excited to be a Yankee; some footage of Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig taking batting practice

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The Yankees hope DJ LeMahieu can shore up a shaky defensive infield

Without Didi Gregorius for at least half the season, the Yankees needed some kind of defensive stability in the infield. Will their latest signing fit the bill?

The Yankees’ way forward with Sonny Gray should be clear

The Yankees hesitated momentarily with their plan to deal Gray before the season, but should press forward in trade talks

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Manny Machado's agent denies $175 million rumor

According to Buster Olney, the bid on Manny Machado right now stands at $175 million. That's a notch higher than Jacoby Ellsbury money. If the Bombers don't jump in the mix now, it would be a telling statement of the organization's priorities. Update 5:00 PM: Dan Lozano, Machado's agent, issued a strongly worded statement denying rumors of the previously reported contract offers. You can read it here. Let's just get this thing on the road, right?

The Yankees might be betting on DJ LeMahieu and the Coors Field hangover

If the "Coors Field effect" can explain DJ LeMahieu’s dreadful road performance, the Yankees’ new infielder could have untapped offensive potential.

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The Yankees’ offseason has been full of gambles

Instead of continuing to add, the Yankees are betting that the 2018 team still has significant room for growth.

Yankees news: Bombers and Bryce Harper are a perfect match

Bryce Harper could be a perfect match for the Yankees; Comparing DJ LeMahieu to a former Yankees shortstop; Mariano Rivera and Mike Mussina HoF updates; Slade Heathcott’s new career.

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Give Miguel Andujar some credit

Much has been made of Miguel Andujar's struggles at the hot corner. With the Yankees apparently passing on Manny Machado, it appears they're showing faith in Andujar 's ability to improve defensively. Give him credit -- he's putting in the work.

Tuesday night open thread

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Five of the best performances of Mel Stottlemyre’s career

Let’s remember the career of the Yankee great by looking at a selection of his best games.

The Red Sox are still the team to beat, and it’s the Yankees’ fault

Merely making the playoffs isn’t good enough for the Yankees.

The Yankees really “can’t” beat the White Sox offer for Manny Machado?

The Yankees better feel ashamed if Machado takes the rumored White Sox offer.

The Yankees are playing a dangerous game in free agency

Courting free agents without making realistic offers is a signal to upcoming classes

NYY news: Machado rumored to have an eight-year offer

Machado might have an eight-year offer; Mel Stottlemyre loses battle with cancer at 77; Hal Steinbrenner keeps up with fans’ reactions online; Sonny Gray trade talks heating up again

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If the Padres get Corey Kluber, they want to trade him for a third baseman

The Padres have searched high and low for a third baseman. In their quest, they appear to have entertained the idea of acquiring super ace Corey Kluber and flipping him for someone to play the hot corner. Dennis Lin connected the Friars to the Reds, but they also covet Miguel Andujar. Nothing is close, and these sort of things are always complicated, but you have to imagine the Yankees will get a call.

The Yankees world mourns the passing of Mel Stottlemyre

Yankees Universe responded en masse to the death of a beloved pitcher and man.

Yankees sign DJ LeMahieu, DFA Tim Locastro

LeMahieu will be a super-utilityman for the Yankees, per reports.

Monday night open thread

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Top 10 reasons the Yankees should sign the elite free agents

It’s time for the Yankees front office to make this winter an offseason to remember.

Milestones that Yankees pitchers could reach in 2019

CC Sabathia is closing in on history.

Mel Stottlemyre dies at age 77

The longtime Yankees pitcher and coach has passed away.

The Yankees are trying to be the 2013 Red Sox

The "spread the wealth" strategy worked for Boston in 2013. Can it hold up with the Yankees six years later?

NYY news: Fans try to help Hal pay for Manny Machado

Yankees fan creates GoFundMe to help Hal pay for Machado; Yanks may be out on him and Harper; Stanton most likely to still don pinstripes in 2025; Jeter and Miami were interested in LeMahieu; Could the Yanks trade Andujar for a starting pitcher?

Reaction to the Yankees signing DJ LeMahieu was swift and brutal

Fans longing for an announcement that the Yankees had signed coveted free agents Bryce Harper and Manny Machado were bitterly disappointed, and they spoke out.

The Yankees are taking a risk in signing DJ LeMahieu as a utilityman

The Yankees envision LeMahieu as their version of Ben Zobrist or Marwin Gonzalez, but will that become reality?

Sunday open thread

It’s Sunday, so here’s an open thread!

The once and future DJ LeMahieu

Why might the Yankees feel some optimism about their newest infielder?

How would Yankees players do on game shows?

The offseason can be long and frustrating. Let’s think about how Yankee players would perform on game shows.


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