Yankees Prospects: Eric Jagielo ranked as 11th best third baseman by Jim Callis

Mike Stobe

The Yankees farm system is so gooooood

MLB.com has released their top 100 prospects list and only Gary Sanchez and Mason Williams made it on there. Before that they released their top 10 list for each position, and Sanchez ranked No.4 on the catcher list, while Greg Bird made it onto the first baseman list at No.7. No other Yankee prospect made any of the other positional lists, but one of them was at least close.

According to Jim Callis' list of the 11th best player at each position, Eric Jagielo is only just outside the top 10 at third base. Despite only one half season in pro ball, the 21-year-old draftee ranks just behind fellow 2013 draft picks Hunter Dozier (10), D.J. Peterson (8), Colin Moran (5), and Kris Bryant (2) and he's actually the fourth-best left-handed hitter in the group. Callis thinks he's a pretty solid player too, believing he "stands out most for his left-handed power, which should play well in Yankee Stadium. He also should hit for a solid average and get the job done at third base."

On Twitter he recently suggested what kind of hitter he projects to be. I would take a hitter like that, especially if he was making the league minimum. That would be awesome.

Ok, yes, it's a little sad that this is what we have to get excited about. The 11th-best at his position, who is a sub-top 100 prospect and only the team's fifth-best prospect. Yikes. I like Eric Jagielo, I think he represents the Yankees' best chance to not only develop a third basemen, but to produce even one productive infielder. Still, he's only played in a handful of games, and we've been fooled by flashy starts before (Hello, Dante Bichette), so it might be wise to keep our expectations low. I guess it's a kind of hope for the best, but prepare for the worst kind of thing, though you could say that about any prospect in the farm system right now and that's really depressing.

Baseball Prospectus just released their top 101 prospects and Gary Sanchez, the Yankees' best prospect, only made it to 85. Sure, there are a few teams that have their best prospect ranked lower than that, but 24 different teams have a top-50 prospect in baseball. Not only do we not have one, but Sanchez used to be one before he fell through the roof. If Jagielo was that close to making the top 10 positional rankings, it could only take another solid season to land him on the top 100 list. That would be fun to see.

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