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Open Thread: Daily Yankees Predictions 4/16/14

The Yankees and the Cubs will face off two times today for a day-night doubleheader. Tanaka will pitch Game 1 and Pineda will pitch Game 2 on this day of expectancy!

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Celebrate the 1977 Yankees Championship

For baseball fans, the best memories of the 1977 Yankees are Mr. October’s three homers in Game 6 of the World Series. Amidst swirling tension and one of the most emotionally trying times in New York City history, the Yankees were able to overcome the turmoil by riding the fiery passion of manager Billy Martin, great hitting from Reggie Jackson and Thurman Munson, and unbound scrappiness from Sweet Lou and Bucky Dent.

Off Day Open Thread: Interleague is upon us

The first interleague series of the year begins for the Yankees, as the Chicago Cubs come to the Bronx for two games. They get to face our two bright young starters, Tanaka and Pineda. Feel free to use this as your open thread for the day!

Open Thread: Daily Non-Yankees Predictions 4/14/14

No beer and no Yankees Baseball make Yankee fans something something...

Open Thread: Daily Yankees Predictions 4/13/14

Ivan Nova and the Yankees go for the series win against the Red Sox tonight on ESPN. (/violently shudders) McCann's bat comes alive. Last day before new questions arrive tomorrow for the PSA DP.

Open Thread: Daily Yankees Predictions 4/12/14

Hiroki Kuroda takes the mound in Game 3 of this 4 game set against the Red Sox. Betances looked brilliant. Do we have yet another tie or did someone win? Another PSA DP coming your way.

Open Thread: Daily Yankees Predictions 4/11/14

Michael Pineda pitched six innings of beautiful baseball in the Bronx. CC Sabathia needs to follow suit. Also, more PSA DP coming your way. Is there another tie or did someone finally win?

Pitchers and foreign substances

Michael Pineda was certainly not the first or last to have an odd substance on his pitching hand.

Open Thread: Daily Yankees Predictions 4/10/14

Tanaka Time is a whole lot of fun in person. Pineda will make his Bronx debut against the Red Sox. It's time to call it, so get your PSA DP on!

Open Thread: Daily Yankees Predictions 4/9/14

Masahiro Tanaka will pitch his first game in the Bronx tonight and the Yankees will try for the series win.


Open Thread: Daily Yankees Predictions 4/8/14

Hiroki Kuroda pitched a great Opening Day game. Ivan Nova hopes to bring the Yankees their first series win at the Stadium. Daily Predictions and Pics from the Empire.

Open Thread: Daily Yankees Prediction 4/7/14

Opening Day at Yankee Stadium. Hiroki Kuroda on the mound. Derek Jeter's final Opening Day as the starting shortstop. New Daily Prediction questions. Excitement all around.

Open Thread: Daily Yankees Predictions 4/6/14

CC Sabathia hope to salvage the series and the road trip. Also, Daily Yankees Prediction results and a question for the PSA community.

Open Thread: Daily Predictions and Pineda Day

Tanaka Day has passed. It was very enjoyable. Now it's time for Pineda Day, which will hopefully be just as exciting. Also, we have another winner in our Daily Yankees Predictions.

Friday Open Thread: Daily Predictions

The Yankees won a game last night and one member of Pinstripe Alley was victorious with the Daily Predictions. All that and a trip to the magical land of poutine coming up.

Thursday Open Thread: Daily Predictions

More Daily Predictions, open thread talk, three bad K's, two lucky bloops, and a Juice Press juice for Texy!

Wednesday Open Thread: Daily Predictions & Fun

The Pinstripe Alley community questionnaire was a resounding success. We're big fans of success here at Pinstripe Alley. Let's see if we can keep it going.

Claim your prize, ekwfan6, you win!!

Enter our Yankees Opening Day predictions competition to win a free copy of The Last Boy: Mickey Mantle and the End of America's Childhood

John Sterling and the new Yankees' home run calls

Lots of new players on the roster means that John Sterling has new toys to play with. What kind of home run calls does he have in store for us in 2014?

What if the bees are just the beginning?

The Yankees successfully withstood a swarm of bees to down the Red Sox on Tuesday. But what other possible disasters could befall them in the upcoming season?

Sporcle open thread: More games than Yuni?

Yuniesky Betancourt has been below replacement level for his whole career, but it's crazy to see who played fewer career games than him.

Cat Man Beltran travels through time and space

He made his disturbing appearance yesterday, but he's really been here the whole time. Quit fooling yourself.

Mark Montgomery displays intimidation factor

Mark Montgomery blows steam from his nostrils. Wait, that's not steam. Ewwwww

Tex and juice: A love story through GIFs

Everyone's favorite bizarre juice fanatic took a YES reporter into his juicing lair. The world may never be the same.

Yankees and TOOTBLANing in 2013

A look back at the Yankees and TOOTBLANing from last year

Yankees better put a Spring in their step

The Yankees need to realize their winter hibernation is over and start playing well.

Checking out the Yankees' promotional schedule

Will any of these one-of-a-kind promotional items entice you to go to a game this season?

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