Yankees History

How the Hall of Fame voting changes affect Moose

"Moose" now faces an even steeper uphill climb to Cooperstown.

Joe Torre's Yankee legacy


Joe Torre is being inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame on Sunday so let's take a look back at his career and impact on the Yankees.

Best & worst deals in NYY trade deadline history


Sometimes ya get Bobby Abreu, and sometimes ya get Steve Trout.

Yankees all-time All-Star team


Just in time for All Star festivities let's take a look at an all-time Yankees All Star team.

Greatest Yankee moments in All Star History


With the All-Star break rapidly approaching, look back at the history of the Midsummer Classic and the greatest All-Star moments from those wearing the beloved pinstripes.

First & last Yankees to wear the retired numbers


Joe Torre's number 6 will join the set of retired numbers in Monument Park later this year, but who were the first to wear those numbers?

No Yankees honeymoon for McCann and Beltran

Marquee free agents rarely produce at a high level for the duration of their contracts, but Brian McCann and Carlos Beltran are taking it to an extreme.

For his 40th birthday, Top 40 Derek Jeter Moments


Because where wouldn't a round number celebration be without an arbitrary list?

The woman who struck out Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig


The Yankees made history by facing the first female baseball player and she obliged by striking out their famous sluggers. Will that day come again?

Yankees Rookie of the Year history


Masahiro Tanaka seems like a lock to win the AL rookie of the year award. He might also be the greatest rookie in Yankees history.


Remembering Tony Gwynn and the 1998 World Series

It would have been easy to be intimidated by the '98 Yankees, but "Mr. Padre" was definitely not affected.

Yankees GIFs: The Flip Game

The Captain returns to Oakland in his farewell season for the first time. It was the site of one of his most memorable moments, but what other funky plays occurred in that 1-0 game?

Yankees, the draft, and nepotism


The Yankees have made a habit of drafting the younger relatives of their former players and it might not be the best draft strategy.

Saluting legendary Yankees scout Paul Krichell


The Yankees might never have become the legendary franchise they are without the help of one brilliant scout.

The Yankees and 20+ home run hitters


The Yankees have had a player hit 20 or more home runs during each non-strike year since 1968. Will that streak continue in 2014?

Babe, Lou, and 1928's domination of the Cardinals


Because why should 1964 get all the love this week?

Tom Burr, forgotten Yankee


Chances are you never heard of Tom Burr, but his long-lost story deserves some attention this weekend.

Finding comps to #TanakaTime in Yankees history


How many other pitchers in Yankees history have dominated their pitching staff the way Tanaka has thus far?

The case for retiring Bernie Williams' number


The Yankees will honor Bernie Williams in some way during the 2015 season. Let's hope they don't short change him.

A look back at the Yankees' 2009 draft class


From John Ryan Murphy to Xavier Esquivel... where are they now?

Great Yankee debuts of the recent past


Some players hit the big leagues at the right time. In the summer of Solarte, a look back at some great Yankee debuts

Worst Yankees draft picks of all time by position


Which highly-touted amateurs were the biggest busts in Yankees history?

Top Yankees draft picks of all time by position


What would the Yankees' all-draft pick all-time team look like?

Why wasn't Monument Park already a Yankee HoF?

If the Yankees want Monument Park plaques to serve as a team Hall of Fame, that certainly doesn't seem offensive. If so, why did they take so long to take that approach?

Yogi turns 89: A celebration through timeline


You can observe a lot by watching.

What kind of talent can the Yankees draft in 2014?


The Yankees don't have a first-round pick in the 2014 MLB draft, but there is still talent to be found in the second and third rounds

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