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Adam Warren's Hard Knock Life


Meet Adam Warren. He was born in August 1987, which means he'll turn 25 later this year. A right-handed starter drafted out of North Carolina, he is ranked by Baseball America as the Yankees'...

Mmm, Aaah, Prospects: Part II


Picking where we left off on Wednesday, let's take a look at what's become of the top five Yankees' prospects over the last four years whose last names fall in the latter half of the alphabet (it's...

Keith Law's Top 10 NYY Prospects


It's that time of year again—bags are packed, we dream of Florida (or Arizona) sunshine, football season's over, and the pundits come out with their preseason top prospect lists... 1. Manny...

And Now for Something Completely the Same


With the Red Sox trading Josh Reddick and two other prospects to Oakland for closer Andrew Bailey and outfielder Ryan Sweeney, the reassembly of AL East 2011 is almost complete. Jon Papelbon fled...

Bye-Bye Brackman


The Yankees declined Andrew Brackman’s option today, making him a free agent. While I hate to see any aspiring big-leaguer fail, the decision makes me perversely happy in that it validates what I...

Montero's First Coming


I’m still absorbing the idea of having CC Sabathia cram 128 pitches into six innings in a game that was in no way a must win as an acceptable strategy—it’s one thing to throw 128 pitches in nine...

Noesi Points Out the Way to Salvation is Inward


Hector Noesi: Whaddya want, perfection? (AP) Freddy Garcia’s turkey of a start on Tuesday night and the second day of the amateur draft make...

The Yankees' Top 10 Prospects

Manny Bañuelos sent hearts (and tildes) aflutter this spring, but he's still not the Yankees' top prospect. (AP) Though the major-league season is already in full swing, minor-league...

Montero: Destiny Takes a Hand


So it has been written, so shall it be done. Francisco Cervelli has fractured his foot and will be out at least four weeks, possibly longer with the inevitable rehab stint. The reserve catcher spot...

Early Spring/High Anxiety


The only news I want to hear out of spring training is that Derek Jeter hit a line drive or fly ball to the gap, either gap. In the first few games, we’ve heard a great deal about the Captain’s...

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