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Missing Shane Spencer, Last of the Dying Platoon Players


Shane Spencer slugs: Remember him in 1998? (AP) I was out to dinner last night with two old pals who used to be in the baseball business and...

More Yankees Possibilities: Hall and Ibanez


Rumors are being nosed about that the Yankees are looking hard at Bill Hall and have thought about old man Raul Ibanez for their open designated hitter position. ...

You Can Never Have Too Much Pitching, Except When You Do


I'm pleased to welcome the latest contributor to the Pinstriped Bible, Rebecca Glass. Rebecca has written about baseball for ESPN and You Can't Predict Baseball and will soon be joining me at...

And Now the DH Hunt Begins


Last season, the average designated hitter batted .266/.341/.430 with 20 home runs. That figure is dragged down by absurdly low production at the position from three-fourths of the AL West. A more...

And Now for Something Completely the Same


With the Red Sox trading Josh Reddick and two other prospects to Oakland for closer Andrew Bailey and outfielder Ryan Sweeney, the reassembly of AL East 2011 is almost complete. Jon Papelbon fled...

Deck Us All With Boston Charlie


Deck us all with Boston Charlie, especially Brian Cashman, who has thus far this winter resisted the call of anxious fans to see him improve the team by means of the importation of questionable...

Chicken Non-Tenders


Yesterday’s list of non-tendered players contains the usual mix of non-entities, injury cases, and some players of possible interest to a contender. I’m not going to review the left-handers like...

Winter Meetings: Girardi Presser, Hiroyuki Nakajima, and Jesus Montero All Day and All of the Night


I regret to say that nothing of note came out of Joe Girardi's media availability this afternoon. The entire coaching staff will be back. Montero questions. More Montero questions. Also, Montero...

Ninety Percent of the Game is Seventy-Five Percent Pitching


It was Mariano Rivera’s birthday yesterday. He’s 42 years old, same age as his number, and can do more in his fifth decade than most of us could do in our second or third. Some people are just...

Waiting for the First/Next Move


The first winter trade in the history of the New York Yankees came back in December, 1903 when they were still called the Highlanders. Its parameters should be familiar, as they stink vaguely of Ed...

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