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The Doug Fister trade finally pays off


If the 2011 Doug Fister trade never happened, the Mariners' 2014 signing of Robinson Cano would have topped Dave Cameron's "Worst Transactions of the Off-Season" list. However, Jack Z's trade savvy has once again paid off. Without the Fister deal to Detroit, there would have been no Fister deal to Washington, which took the top spot on Cameron's list. It is this kind of dealing for the future that has helped Z solidify his job as the team's GM and which should keep him in Seattle's good graces for years to come.

Robinson Cano? NO!


Measuring Robinson Cano's potential future output using advanced metrics -- and if he can live up to his contract.

Mariners join AL West fun, pay big money for Cano


The Angels aren't alone in paying the big bucks for players. According to Enrique Rojas of ESPN Deportes, the Seattle Mariners have signed Robinson Cano for a massive contract. And that massive...

Jon Jones Meets Alex Rodriguez, Throws First Pitch


In what will surely add fuel to the fire for Jon Jones' haters, the light-heavyweight UFC champion attended the Toronto Blue Jays game last night (Wednesday, Sept. 18th, 2013) and amongst the baseball luminaries he met was one of the least liked figures in that sport: New York Yankee Alex Rodriguez. Two of the most polarizing figures in both sports? Sure would've liked to have been a fly on that wall. Jones described Rodriguez as "humble" and the conversation "really meant a lot to him". Jones also threw out the first pitch, and that's a near literal statement there. It's not hard to believe Jones when he says he was never any good at stick and ball sports.

Who are Major League Baseball's sexiest players?


Our friend Kathy Lyford at FoxSports.com has brought us a list of the sexiest players in Major League Baseball. The New York Yankees seem to be the most-represented team (including Robinson Cano,...

Not Enough is Said About Robinson Cano


Robinson Cano: Boom. (AP) It’s odd to think of Robinson Cano as a great career Yankee; it seems like he just arrived. Yet, Cano is 29, this is his eighth full season in the big leagues, and he...

Here's to You, Mr. Robinson, in 2014


A few years ago, a number of Yankees fans expressed a common sentiment: a desire for a certain underperforming player to be traded in the offseason. The player comment in 2009's Baseball Prospectus...

2011 Season In Review: Infielders


The Yankees have had the same infield for the last three seasons and have all four men under contract through at least 2013. (AP) 1B - Mark...

Kidding About Cano?


Because a deal is a deal, the Yankees will negotiate with Robinson Cano when it suits them, not when it suits agent Scott Boras. (AP) Scott...

Running Through the Options


His postseason was a disappointment, but picking up Nick Swisher's 2012 option should be a relatively easy call. (AP) As the Yankees begin...

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