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Loose Threads in the Pinstriped Fabric

Will Mark Teixeira cut down on the pull-hitting tendency that has eroded his productivity? (AP) Hola amigos, it's been awhile since I rapped...

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Celebrate the 1977 Yankees Championship

For baseball fans, the best memories of the 1977 Yankees are Mr. October’s three homers in Game 6 of the World Series. Amidst swirling tension and one of the most emotionally trying times in New York City history, the Yankees were able to overcome the turmoil by riding the fiery passion of manager Billy Martin, great hitting from Reggie Jackson and Thurman Munson, and unbound scrappiness from Sweet Lou and Bucky Dent.

Yankees Granderson, Swisher, and Seven Deadly Updates

Been awhile since I’ve been able to check in, as I’ve been getting started at my new home away from the PB, Bleacher Report, where I cover the American League and have been known to say the odd...

Fine and Dandy like A.J. and Grandy

It was indeed Grand! (AP) At Baseball Prospectus, I wrote about A.J. Burnett's wobbly but ultimately redemptive performance. To me, one of...

Why Phil Hughes' Bad Back Might Be Good and Curtis Granderson Is Better

Phil Hughes was originally scheduled to pitch Monday's make-up game against the Twins, but is being pushed back into the subsequent Rays series because of some back spasms he experienced in the...

Salvage Job

The next mayor of New York City? (AP) Amid the anxiety, danger, and general inconvenience caused by Hurricane Irene — and here's hoping...

Tres Grande

Curtis Granderson made major league history when he connected for the Yankees' third grand slam of the game. The start of Thursday...

Curtis Granderson's RBIs

Don Mattingly: the RBI percentage king. (AP) As you know, Curtis Granderson leads the American League in RBIs with 95. Now, RBIs are...

A Question About Granderson

Granderson: Falling down in the field? (AP) With Curtis Granderson leading the American League in runs, RBIs, and standing second in the...

Not Half as Fun as Shark Week

Mariano Rivera's recent struggles have the pitcher and everyone who follows him looking for answers. (AP) A few quick morning links for a...

My AL All-Star Ballot

Fan voting for the All-Star starters ends at midnight tonight, so here's a quick look at who the most deserving American League candidates are and how the Yankees' starting nine stacks up. First...

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