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First Images of A.J. Burnett in New Uniform Released


I think he looks far better than he ever did in pinstripes: He's definitely dressed for success. The "34" in the corner is the approximate amount of dollars (in millions) remaining on Burnett's...

Burnett for Travis Hafner?


It’s hard not to love the idea of an A.J. Burnett for Travis Hafner deal with the Indians. Hafner has long been regarded as a disappointment because the late-bloomer quickly fell off of his...

Here There Be Pirates


I have no idea if Brian Cashman has ever seen Pirates of the Caribbean or its sequels, but it is a hard thing these days to be a Yankees fan and not be obsessively thinking about Pirates. Although...

Derek Jeter is a Unicorn


The Super Bowl is America's most-hyped sports event of the year, so it's perhaps no surprise that there are plenty of oddities that go with it—such as half time act Madonna getting her very own...

You Can Never Have Too Much Pitching, Except When You Do


I'm pleased to welcome the latest contributor to the Pinstriped Bible, Rebecca Glass. Rebecca has written about baseball for ESPN and You Can't Predict Baseball and will soon be joining me at...

Fine and Dandy like A.J. and Grandy


It was indeed Grand! (AP) At Baseball Prospectus, I wrote about A.J. Burnett's wobbly but ultimately redemptive performance. To me, one of...

A.J. Burnett's Redemption Song


It wasn't always pretty, but ol' A.J., who has caused so much ink to be spilled there is a massive shortage (even here in cyberland) came through. I know I am jaded, cynical, and prone to think in...

To the Mats with Reader Comments: Burnett Can Win


Reader Owen G says re my comments on A.J. Burnett's Game 4 start: This is a bit extreme…he did win, pitching 7 2/3 and giving up two runs, just two weeks ago. By contrast the last time that...

The Worst of All Possible Worlds


The upshot of today: no matter what happens in Game 3, A.J. Burnett will be starting an elimination game. I believe it was Karl Marx who said that history repeats itself, the first time as tragedy,...

The Third Man


The identity of the Yankees' third starter for the Division Series remains an unsettled — and unsettling — mystery. Tuesday night was as...

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