Pinstripe Alley Podcast Episode 21: The O's/Yanks battle for September relevance

Joy R. Absalon-USA TODAY Sports

Greg, Tanya, and Andrew bemoan Joba and Chris Stewart's existence, then bring in Camden Chat's Mark Brown to discuss the upcoming crucial Yankees/Orioles weekend series.

The Yankees have cooled off since our last recording, and if they want to stay alive in the playoff hunt, they must win this weekend's series against the Orioles. We've brought in Camden Chat manager and Camdencast host Mark Brown to talk about the O's this week.

[0:00] Opening, with Jason in jail for kidnapping JR Murphy. Chris Stewart displeases us.
[3:34] The upcoming Yankees/Orioles series and its playoff implications
[6:02] Regression is a bitch for Hiroki Kuroda, but good for Andy Pettitte. Phil Hughes does not know this concept.
[7:24] If the Yankees feel the upcoming series is important, why are they not utilizing some crucial assets?
[13:05] Tanya does not like Joba Chamberlain
[17:01] Vernon Wells and Ichiro no longer have much purpose in the starting lineup
[18:32] Alfonso Soriano in God mode and Robinson Cano's injury scare
[22:37] Special podcast's special guest Mark Brown joins us to discuss the Yankees/Orioles series
[24:29] Talkin' O's pitching: Wei-Yin Chen, Kevin Gausman, Scott Feldman, then Corey Patterson somehow gets mentioned before we get back to Miguel Gonzalez
[33:14] Which Orioles hitters could cause the most problems for the Yankees aside from the otherworldy Chris Davis?
[35:29] Thoughts on Buck Showalter
[36:36] The demise of the Orioles' bullpen from last year. Enter K-Rod.
[38:58] The Orioles claimed Josh Willingham and Michael Morse. Is this relevant?
[41:45] Will there be any September call-ups to worry about on Sunday?
[44:09] What will the Orioles need for a playoff push and if that fails, what can they do to prepare for 2014?
[47:07] How surprising is Chris Davis's monster 2013?
[53:05] Yankee/Mitre of the Week (No Tweetbag this week since it was empty)

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