Yankees Business

Stories about Yankee ownership's business adventures.

Should the Yanks extend Ivan Nova?


Young pitchers all around baseball seem to be getting extended by their teams. Should the Yankees do the same with their most proven young starter?

How much value does Gardner's extension offer?


What kind of value might the Yankees reap from Gardner?

Yankees sell off majority interest of YES to Fox


The Yankees have sold off their majority control of the YES Network to Fox

Farewell to Plan 189. We won't miss you.


The signing of Masahiro Tanaka officially puts an end to the Yankees' plan to avoid a large luxury tax hit in 2014. Fielding a competitive team was more important than saving a few dollars, at...

With A-Rod's suspension, is Plan 189 possible?


Will A-Rod's 162-game suspension enable the Yankees to resume their plans for a luxury tax-avoiding payroll?

High-A Tampa Yankees won't be moving to Ocala


It appears that the agreement to move the Yankees' High-A Tampa affiliate to Ocala has broken down

Mike Francesa will no longer be on YES


The Yankees will end their relationship with Mike Francesa as they have decided not to renew their contract with WFAN. I wonder why *cough*A-Rod*cough*


Plan 189: What's left, and is it a realistic goal?

The Yankees want to keep their payroll for 2014 below $189 million. Can they fill the remaining holes on their team while remaining below that figure?

It's over: 10 years of Robbie in Seattle

Dear sweet fancy Moses. Well, it's been fun Robbie. Bah humbug.

How will McCann's contract affect the offseason?


The Yankees just added $17 million in payroll for 2014, so how much more will they spend before Spring Training?


What declining attendance means for the Yankees

Why does the organization still appear to be clueless as to the causes?

Tampa Yankees could move from Tampa to Ocala


High-A Tampa Yankees could move from Tampa to Ocala, Florida if their plan is approved

Yankees drop ticket prices for 2014 season


The Yankees have announced a drop in ticket prices for the 2014 season.

Yankees 2014 payroll after arbitration

Figuring out the Yankees 2014 payroll after arbitration

Marchand: Yankees planning spending spree

According to Andrew Marchand of ESPN New York, the Yankees are planning an offseason shopping spree that could equal $300 million after missing the playoffs for the second time in six seasons.

Steinbrenner: Won't sacrifice contending for $189M


Hal Steinbrenner makes it clear that the payroll goal of $189 million is a serious goal, but he won't put that goal before fielding a contending team in 2014.

Can the Yankees reverse attendance problems?


The Yankees attendance dropped again in 2013. Is there anything the Yankees can do to reverse course and prevent further drops in 2014?

Yankees payroll: How much will they have to spend?


With a $189 million budget for 2014 still in effect, the Yankees will need to get creative in order to field a quality roster in 2014.

Yanks, Cano terrifyingly far apart in talks


Cano took our proposals of "all the money" a bit too seriously.

Will Derek Jeter exercise his 2014 player option?


This fall, Derek Jeter must choose between a $9.5 million player option and free agency. Which option works better for the Yankees?

Would you play for the Yankees?


Are the Yankees still a premium destination for MLB free agents?

Yankees fine Alex Rodriguez over $150,000


The Yankees have fined Alex Rodriguez and Francisco Cervelli

What have the healthy pitchers been worth in 2013?


Pitching has been vital to the Yankees so far in 2013. While the coaching staff is happy with the results, the front office can also be happy with the return on their investment.

What have the healthy Yankees been worth in 2013?


The Yankees have burned a lot of money on injured players so far in 2013. Luckily, they have found relatively cheap ways to fill the giants holes created by the absence of superstars.

Lessons in rebuilding


"Blow up the team. Start over. Rebuild and contend again in a few years." Sounds so easy, right?

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