MLB News & Analysis

Comparing AL East rotations, post-Nova

How does the Yankees' starting rotation compare to those in the rest of the division following the injury to Ivan Nova?

Yankees opponent preview: Chicago Cubs

Are the Cubbies a dangerous up-and-coming team, or are they just another also-ran in a franchise well-acquainted with disappointing seasons?

Early velocity trends for Yankees pitchers

A major change in a pitcher's velocity can be an early indicator of an injury or performance shift. How have the Yankees pitchers been throwing so far?

Fans who run on the field: Disaster in the making?

The Orioles' Adam Jones had some choice words for two Yankee fans who ran on the field during Tuesday's game. Does he have a point or is he overreacting?

How does Cabrera's new deal affect the Yankees?

Miguel Cabrera is now the highest paid player in baseball history and it isn't the Yankees who are paying him. How can New York adapt to baseball's ever-changing financial landscape?

AL East Preview: Toronto Blue Jays

The "new-look" Jays were a flop in 2013 but they look to ride an undeniably talented core to better fortunes in 2014.

MLB possibly planning PED suspension increases

The new suspension policy could be in place by the time the regular season starts up on March 30th.

Previewing the 2014 Baltimore Orioles

After adding a couple new faces in Ubaldo Jimenez and Nelson Cruz, will the Baltimore Orioles be able to fight their way to the top of the AL East and back into the playoffs?

AL East Preview: Tampa Bay Rays

Led by Joe Maddon, the Rays are expected to be right in the thick of the American League East race in 2014

AL East Preview: Boston Red Sox

They're not the same championship team, but they're still very, very good.


Sizing up the Yankees' AL West competition

The A's have owned the Yankees in recent years and the Rangers have been to the World Series twice since the Yankees last made it. Taking down these teams will not be easy.

Sizing up the Yankees' AL Central competition

The Yankees' off-season improvements should give them a bump up from their final record in 2013, but their American League rivals are unlikely to make a possible road to the pennant easy for the Bronx Bombers.

Rethinking MLB's qualifying offer system

It's March and free agents attached to draft pick compensation, Drew, Morales and Santana are still looking for jobs. Is the qualifying offer system unfair to players?

New MLB replay system receives its first test

A glimpse into the future of replay in Major League Baseball.

Harold Reynolds to join FOX, #Analysis ahoy

O blessed mute button, do not fail me

Subjectivity & the new home plate collision rule

Umpire's different judgments on the play might lead to some angry managers in the future.

MLB will drop their Biogenesis lawsuit

MLB is ready to drop their lawsuit against Biogenesis now that Alex Rodriguez has accepted his suspension

MLB approves pitcher protection caps

The men on the mound will hopefully be a little safer from now on.

MLB owners unanimously approve instant replay

MLB owners have unanimously agreed to expanded replay, making it official for the 2014 season

A-Rod sues MLB and MLBPA over suspension

Alex Rodriguez sues MLB and Players Union in an attempt to reverse his suspension Yankees

Tanaka release fee will be broken into four parts

The release fee for Masahiro Tanaka will be broken down into four separate payments

Can the Hall of Fame fix its induction system?

The method MLB uses to select members of the Hall of Fame has never been very good, and it's gotten worse. How can the process be corrected?

Maddux, Glavine, and Thomas elected to the HOF

Three players earn the necessary 75% of the BBWAA's vote to gain entrance to the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown this year.

Tanaka's release fee will be split up over 2 years

The $20 million release fee for Japanese right-hander Masahiro Tanaka will be able to be paid over the course of two seasons, possibly allowing more teams to compete in negotiations.

MLB wants promise of no outside deals from Rakuten

MLB wants to ensure that the Rakuten Golden Eagles don't make any side deals that could involve money changing hands between the team and Masahiro Tanaka, who will pitch in the United States in 2014.

MLB will stop Tanaka from donating to Rakuten

MLB plans to investigate any dealings that could infringe upon the new posting system, that includes the idea that Masahiro Tanaka wants to donate money to his old team

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