Matthew Floratos

Staff Writer

Matthew watched a baseball game back in 2001 and accidentally liked it. He cheers for the Yankees, his favorite pitch is the splitfinger fastball, and his favorite base is third. Other interests of his include cars, specifically those of German manufacture, and mass-produced pizza. Around these parts he's known for making GIFs.


Yankees GIFs: How not to perfect game

Perfect games are great and all but, come on, they're so hard to do! Too unattainable, I say. Stick to what you know and don't dream too much. Remember: screwing up in the field is much, much easier.

Yankees GIFs: David Cone's perfect game

Sure, there's no baseball going on right now—but we have a bevy of classic games we can enshrine in GIF form! We begin our time travel with this showing of absolute dominance from one David Cone.

Yankees GIFs: All A-Rod, All the time

As the embattled third baseman enters Arbitration Station, we investigate his on-field conduct in a series of GIFs.

Yankees GIFs: Anger and despair edition

The season may be over, but GIFs never die. Get all cheered up with these displays of incompetence and insanity. We feature insanely bad fielding, insanely good fielding, the sensational fat...

Yankees GIFs: Searching for a playoff hero edition

Every playoff run needs a good hero. Who will our hero be? Our crack team of GIF scientists offer you a variety of options: is it Alfonso Soriano? Chris Stewart? Or can it -- would it -- should it...

Yankees GIFs: Player reactions edition

Playoff races can be tense times for the mind, body and soul. How are the players on the field feeling? Our crack team of GIF animators investigates. Within we find that Mo is appalled, Andy...

Swing and a GIF: Matrix fielding, Girardi's binder

If you're looking for out-and-out dysfunction, you've come to the right place. Within we find grown men fighting each other, fielding disasters, sheer unadulterated confusion, and judgmental Paul...

Week in GIFs: Nova twerking; A-Rod misbehaving


Given the weight of the evidence, how is it possible that man is capable of playing ball? Within we find one athlete twerking while others struggle defensively. Meanwhile, a manager laughs off good...

Communiqué from the High Embassy of Planet GIF

Following the shelling of one Hiroki Kuroda last night, the world of GIF dispatched me a message across the wires in the hope that, in some way, shape or form, even if minor and not actually...

Sending a Space Probe to the World of GIF

Following the heinous acts perpetrated against my beloved Alex Rodriguez in Sunday's Yankees-Red Sox matchup, loadtimes was buoyed into hastily publishing another round of animated image files...

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