Greg Kirkland

Staff Writer

A long time lover of all things Baseball, especially the Yankees. Also, a full fledged socially awesome, comic book reading, movie watching, highly opinionated but never duplicated nerd!


Competing and Improving are not mutually exclusive


The trade deadline has passed and the Yankees now begin their final two month push for the playoffs. How do you feel about all the moves they have made in July?

Trade Deadline Open Thread 7/31/14


It's the trade deadline. It's exciting. It's scary. It's here. Come in and discuss

Headley's here: What does this mean for A-Rod?


Yesterday the Yankees acquired Chase Headley from the San Diego Padres. What does this mean for Alex Rodriguez's future in the Bronx?

Yankees Infield Questions Still Have No Answers


Even a three game sweep of the Reds cannot help shy away from the Yankees woes. What's maddening is that there was forewarning of these woes before the season even began. Six months later and...

Open Thread 7/21/14: You Have The Conch


The Yankees, fresh off of a sweep of the Cincinnati Reds, face off against the Texas Rangers for a four game series. Rookie pitcher Shane Greene takes the mound while you, our loyal PSA commenters,...


The Pinstripe Alley "Post Your Mug" FanPost

The All Star Break has mercifully come around, so the Yankees are mercifully off for the new few days. What does that mean for us? It means it's time for some good ol' fashion community building!...

Open Thread: Daily Yankees Predictions 7/13/14


Perhaps the Yankees can take a series against the O's before the All Star Break? Perhaps I should write a parody song called "It's Not Easy Facing Green!" Perhaps the offense can bust out? Perhaps...

Open Thread: Daily Yankees Predictions 7/12/14


Despite one bad inning, Hiroki Kuroda pitched a great game last night. However, the offense did that thing were it only scored early and then decided to take the night off. Sad. Shane Greene gets...

What Yankees fans forget about the Dynasty Era


Time and time again we read how the Yankees need to "build a new core" and time and time again, Yankee fans forget one thing that really made those years magical. What happened to Tanaka might...

Open Thread: Daily Yankees Predictions 7/11/14


After splitting the series against the Indians, the Yankees travel to Baltimore to face the Orioles. Hiroki Kuroda, the only surviving member of the original A-Team, takes the mound tonight....

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